Frustrated with your internship search?

So was I.


When I was in college, I spent two years looking for an internship. At first, companies wouldn’t even interview me. I wasn’t from a brand-name school, I had no experience, and I had nothing in particular to offer them. Not a single company responded to my resume.

After about a year of trying, I finally learned how to score interviews – but I faced a new challenge: I couldn’t pass them. My brain would freeze when confronted with algorithmic challenge to solve in 45 minutes. I was rejected from internship after internship. 

Finally, I got an internship at a small business. The next summer, using that experience, I got an internship at a slightly bigger company. 

Slowly I learned how to strategically play the internship game. By the time I graduated, I had completed six internships at companies like Amazon and LinkedIn. 

I spent years learning what matters and what doesn’t. I founded Get A Tech Internship to help clueless tech students like me get the internships of their dreams.